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Plants & Baskets

Discover a world where modern design meets nature's simplicity. Our curated collection of planters and farm-to-table essentials brings sustainable beauty and flavor right to your doorstep

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Plants - Planters

We blend aesthetic appeal with environmental consciousness. Our collection includes:


Diverse Planter Styles

Our planters range from minimalist designs in neutral tones to exotic models in vibrant colors. Designed with sustainability and style in mind, each piece brings a unique aesthetic to your space.


Plant Selection

From the resilient succulents to lush leafy greens, we offer an array of plants that thrive indoors. Easy to care for and perfect for enhancing your indoor environment with a touch of nature.


Sizes for Every Space

Choose from sizes 4", 6", and 8" to fit any area, whether it's a cozy corner or a spacious room. Our versatile planters accommodate various plant types and design preferences.


Customization and Technology

Our artistic planters feature integrated LED lighting and can be customized with advanced printing technology, offering a modern touch and personalized experience.


Discover the richness of nature with our farm-to-table basket offerings:


Farm-Fresh Produce

Our baskets boast a variety of fresh, seasonal produce straight from local fields to your table, ensuring peak flavor and nutrition.


Artisanal Goodness

Savor the homemade touch with our infused oils, natural seasonings, handcrafted soaps, and soothing bath balms, all crafted with care.


Wellness and Taste

With items like organic free-range eggs, nutrient-rich microgreens, and homemade elderberry syrup, our baskets deliver health and culinary delight.


Sweet and Aromatic Treats

Indulge in the sweetness of our artisanal honey, teas, and maple syrup, and enhance your home ambiance with our fragrant potpourri and candles.

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